Our Mission

Medical technology companies invest significant amounts of money and time to reach actual users, a process crucial for both user-centered development and product approval. However, users often face challenges when getting involved in the development process. They may need to become self-employed consultants, shouldering financial and legal burdens independently.
We aim to revolutionize this system by acting as a neutral intermediary, streamlining the process to make it less risky, more cost-effective, and, importantly, more enjoyable for both parties.
Our motto: 'Innovation through Connection.'

The Team

Sandra Niedermeier

Head of Corporate Relations

Jonas Becker

Head of Development (Managing Director)

Dayana Ariza Paez

Head of Medical Specialists

The Bridges we want to build

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Interested in the company?

We are always happy to speak with everybody who shares our vision. We are open to any collaboration that will help us deliver maximum service to our customers. If you see the potential to help us with your investment or expertise, please feel free to reach out. But please note that we are currently not looking to outsource our software development.

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